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Beacon Career Management, LLC
P.O. Box 1271
Hightstown, NJ  08520

For more information, please contact info@beaconcareermgmt.com

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Beacon Career Management, LLC


Beacon Career Management, LLC provides resume writing services and career advice to professionals seeking to enhance their career potential.  


Consultative relationships are develped to ensure that
the individual needs of each client are met.


Beacon Career Management was founded by
Pamela Watson to further assist professionals
reach their career goals and realize their Career
Vision.   Formerly a managing director with a
national career development and placement
organization, Pamela Watson has more than
eighteen years experience in the field of
career development, pre-screening, recruitment,
placement, and training.  Currently,  she is working
within the area of Organizational Learning at a
nonprofit organization in addition to servicing
clients seeking job search assistance.

With facilitator certifications in Myers-Briggs career
assessments and CareerArchitect, Pamela
has conducted training sessions in Interview
Skills, Carer Goal Setting, Diversity, Resume
Writing, and Leadership Skills.

Pamela earned a BA at Montclair State University and
completed a master's degree at Columbia
University, NYC in the Organizational Psychology
program with a concentration in Human Resources

               P.O. Box 1271
               Hightstown, NJ  08520

For more information, please contact Pamela Watson
Member, Institute for Executive Development
Member, Coachville
Member, Electronic Recruitment Exchange

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